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Two sizes of surf rods are needed for the beach.  A light rod with 4-6lb test line for sand fishing and a 6-12lb rod for fishing from the rocks.
Snelled (note the curve in the eye) Octopus hooks work well for small sand crabs and grubs
Long shank hooks work well for worms, mussel and large sidewinder crabs
Swivels are used between your leader and the sinker
Small beads can be used above the hook as an attractant--larger beads are used as a cushion between your sinker and swivel
Sliding sinkers are used with the Carolina Rig
A bait keeper for your waist with a belt works best for keeping bait alive and fresh
A galvanized sand crab net is the best way to catch crabs
A neck wallet like this, or a fanny pack is all you need to carry your tackle
Stainless steel hemostats work best for removing hooks from fish

curlytail perch grub
swimtail perch grub
hip bait bucket
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