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The Light-Line Revolution by Bill Varney
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Nice corbina on the sand crab
Most fish on this page were released back into the wild. Please practice catch and release whenever possible...
Ed's shovel nose sand shark (which we hoped was a giant corbina!)
East Cape Jack--They give quite a fight on 4lb test!
Ken with a monster 26" corbina
Corbina bite on both high and low tide.
Yellowfin croaker caught at sunset.
Two perch are better than one!
Watch out for that wave!
The camera man was the only one to stay dry in this picture!
Ken's corbina looks like a salmon and fights like a bonito!
Brad and Sophia try their luck north of Santa Barbara
Sunrise is the best time for surf fishing
The East Cape has millions of surf fish including this yellowfin croaker
Not a good sign!
Some days you just have to go surfing!
You'll find all this information and much more in my book
Ed's East Cape cabrilla caught on the Zara Spook popper
A common isopod pulled from the gills of a perch

curlytail perch grub
swimtail perch grub
hip bait bucket
how-to surf fish book
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