Surf Fishing
The Light-Line Revolution by Bill Varney
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When you first reach the beach find a spot on the berm where you can get a good look at the lay of the land.
Points and Bays make good places to find surf fish
What To Look For and Where To Fish
Waves carve out the bottom and create troughs
Troughs form near shore and can be seen at low tide
Fish float suspend in the churning waters of the trough looking for food
Corbina love gently sloping beaches
Look for rip currents that pull bait away from shore.  
Fish the edges of the rip, this is where fish wait for food.
Rivermouths, not unlike rip currents, create some great fishing opportunities
Fish the edge of a foam triangle--this is where the dropoff starts
Winter sand erosion leaves all sorts of structure for fish to hide in
Fishing from the rocks takes slightly heavier gear
On a jetty, take note of the current's direction and you'll know where to fish
Fish from the top or along the sides of a jetty and take only what you need
You'll find all this information and much more in my book
Here's a great example of a rip tide that formed off Huntington Beach.  All of the edges of the rip are were the fish gather to find food.

Find structure at low tide and fish it at high tide
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