This surf fishing how-to guidebook is the newest and most complete reference on finding, baiting and catching, perch, corbina, yellowfin croaker and other local surf fish. Tips on tackle, bait and where to fish."> SURF FISHING BAITS
Surf Fishing
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Surf Fishing Baits
Sand crabs are one of the best baits for surf fishing
 Keep your crabs in a waist bait keeper with a small piece of wet kelp to keep them cool and moist
Crabs are found in soft sand near the high tide mark
 You can catch crabs by hand or use a galvanized crab net
  Mussels make great surf bait
  Mussel can be found on rocks, docks and piers
  Ghost shrimp can be purchased at your local tackle shop or suctioned by hand in wetland areas during low tide.  The current corbina world record was caught using ghost shrimp.

Sidewinder rock crabs make great bait.  You'll find them near rocks and jetties.  

Plastic grubs work unbelievably well for perch, croaker and the occasional corbina.
Grubs come in two common styles: Curley Tail and Swim Tail
 Curley Tail
 Swim Tail
 Flies work great in the surf, fished on the Carolina Rig

Small bright spoons work great to attract corbina and croaker and slab-sized perch
When it comes to which bait to use look for what occurs naturally around the area you are fishing

Here's a sample of our local surf baits and lures
Keep your bait fresh in a waist bait bucket that slides onto your belt
Look for soft shell crabs in different sizes
curlytail perch grub
swimtail perch grub
hip bait bucket
how-to surf fish book

   How to Hook Lug Worms
Sand Worms work great for bait and can be found about 12" -36" below the surface near the high tide mark.
Tackle Shops with Live Bait
do you know a shop with live surf bait let us now at:
Norm’s Big Fish Bait and Tackle 
1780 Pacific Coast Hwy
Seal Beach, CA 90740-6209
(562) 431-0723
Bait:  Ghost Shrimp, Mussel, Lug Worms, Clams, Anchovy

Paul’s Bait and Tackle
803 S. Pacific Ave.
San Pedro, CA 90731
(310) 833-3279
Bait: Ghost Shrimp, Blood/Lug Worms, Night Crawlers, Clams, Mussel, Frozen Bait, Shark Chum

  Hard suspension baits work great in the    surf for halibut, croaker and large perch
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